Friday, August 29, 2008

Does Barack Obama Deserve All The Praise?

Do remember how after Easter, you'd go back to school laced in your new gear to show off what you rocked on that day? Remember how the kids that either couldn't afford new clothes or just bought ugly ones, would try to say you were acting different because you had new gear? Maybe you were and maybe you weren't, regardless they would have felt the same way because it wasn't about you. It was about their insecurity.

How about the cool kids, you know, the ones that dressed fly all the time so getting fresh was nothing new to them; the popular ones that got all the girls. You might have been the kid that wasn't ugly but wasn't dip so chicks would front on you and the cool kids that were cool with you, would hang with you but use you as sort of a whipping boy, snapping on your gear and stuff. You came back to school after Easter fresh so your confidence got a boost, you started talking to girls, they were giving you play, when the cool kids snapped on you, you snapped back. The cool kids think, "This dude gets dressed up for one day and forget his place." They're quick to remind you of how bumy you used to be and imply that your Easter outfit was all the fly gear you had.

That whole Easter thing reminds me of Republicans view of Barrack Obama. There are those among them who are jealous of his aura and speaking ability, jealous of his appeal and affect on voters, and jealous of his impact because they lack the ingredients to do what he does. 48 Laws of Power said anything you can't posses show disdain for. Since they don't have it, they try to underplay its importance and act as if it's unconnected to his ability to do the job.

There are the others among them, who, in my opinion, are being a bit racist. Not, "I hate niggers" racist, but that institutionalized, racial hierarchy type of racism. Many whites still view blacks as intellectual inferior. They still feel blacks have a place in America, and that place is a step, or a few steps beneath a white man. They are like the cops who stop innocent black men on highways who drive fancy cars feeling them to be undeserving of such luxuries because of the color of their skin.

I think America has gotten too used to the image of the humble black man with his hat in his hand begging for a handout. You know how Black folks do something great, then they come on T.V to talk about it and start attributing their success to all these white folks; white teachers, white coaches, etc. Barack Obama's mother is white, but I haven't seen any white politician be brought up as taking Barack under his wing, or teachers as being responsible for challenging him mentally, I've seen Jeremiah Wright though. Which I think makes it clear to many white folks that Barack isn't their "boy". He hasn't been in Washington long enough to be brainwashed by the old white men who run it. He doesn't speak through his nasal passages to suppress the depth of his voice so he can sound less black and consequently less threatening. As many Black Americans sit around questioning whether barrack is Black enough. They've made it somewhat clear that he's too black for them.

There have been many politicians who won the node to run for president, so the idea of winning a primary for the right to run for the presidency doesn't seem that spectacular, but up until this point, they've all been white. The political pundits look at the praise Barack Obama receives and think, " what he has done to deserve this?". They realize what it means to win the opportunity to run for president but they don't realize what it means to accomplish that if you're black. There were many Major League Baseball players before Jackie Robinson, and many Tennis players before Arthur Ash. They don't believe Barack should receive the same praise that we bestowed upon these individuals after they achieved these things and broke down barriers for those that would come behind them, while he has achieved this, the feat of becoming the first black presidential nominee. Maybe we should wait 20 years, or till he gets…I won't say that. They don't believe that Barrack deserves praise because; they feel he hasn't done enough for America as a candidate. They don't understand that he receives praise for what he's done for America as a man. Who's really the celebrity, Barrack or McCain? Check this article >


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