Saturday, August 30, 2008

Obama; Realism vs. Idealism

The Republicans try to paint Barack Obama like he's one of those evangelists. You know the guys that go to those hick towns, erect tents, and put on these spectacles of passionate speeches where they make claims of being able to heal the sick and handicapped. The logical thinking person knows better than to believe that. The logical thinking person knows that in all likeliness they are going to suffer for the rest of their life from their disease or sickness and eventually die from it. They know there's no way to fix their handicap and mind as well embrace living that way. They want them to put their faith in medications that fail them time and time again, or technology that continues to make handicapped individuals feel dependent, despite the things it can allow them to do.

They think Barack is too inexperienced and naive because he believes you can solve America's problems as oppressed to just coming up with more ways of dealing and coping with them. Fantasy vs. reality, idealism vs. realism is the way the Republican Party would like for the American people to view the election. The question is if we as American people, are too intellectual competent, too rational, too logical to have hope.


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