Monday, August 25, 2008


"Invisible" - Gif (Free Download) I was riding the train on my way home from school when I came across this article in the Village Voice. The article was about a young black girl by the name of Ramona Moore. This young girl had been kidnapped, repeatedly raped, tortured, and murdered. Her mother called the police hours after she hadn't returned home but was told she hadn't been missing long enough to be reported missing. The officer, against policy, told the woman he would open up a missing persons case if she called back in a few hours, which would have made her missing for the sufficient amount of time. Mrs. Moore called back the exact time he had specified attempting to file a missing persons report on her daughter. To her surprise, this time she had got the Captain on the phone who told her they wouldn't look for her daughter and that he didn't know why the officer she had spoken to previously would tell her such a thing. They refused to launch an investigation and long story short, Ramona Moore was found dead. It was reported that she had been murdered on the same day that the police department buckled and decided to launch an investigation into her absence. Her mother felt particularly insulted because around that same time there was an older white women. The wife of a doctor, who had went missing along with her dog. This women had been missing less than 24 hours but the morning following her husbands call to the police an all out investigation was launched, checking bank records, phone records, and etc. I decided to do this joint just to no allow this girls memory to be lost. The news never reported the incident because the police told them she was a runaway. The mother of Ramona Moore was made to feel as if her daughter didn't matter, she was made to feel as if her daughter was invisible. That's what I felt like had happened, so that's what I named the song. "Invisible" - Gif (Free Download) All I ask is that you google the name Ramona Moore and don't let her death be in vain. Read the full VillageVoice article Digg!

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Don said...

Pretty good post. I'd never read or even heard of this story before. I hate that for the victim.